Shopping and finance – sometime and today

The development of technology makes that what a dozen or so years ago required a lot of effort today is child’s play. The Internet has made services to a higher, previously unknown level. This applies not only to trade, but above all to the financial sector.

Let’s go back 25 years. Your mom has just decided to buy a camera. How did it lead to the end? She left the house and for 20 minutes she went to the nearest electronics store reading a newspaper bought at the newsstand at that time. Then, when she reached the place and found the camera stand, for the next half hour she compared individual models, flooding the shop employee with questions. In the end, she made a decision. She chose the camera and went to checkout. She pulled a wallet out of her purse, stuffed with banknotes, paid and left. With the camera and an empty wallet. Some time later she decided to go on vacation – after all, the camera can not be useless. What did the ticket purchase look like? Like the camera. Travel to the facility and finalizing the transaction.

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Now, let’s think about how these issues look a quarter of a century later? On a computer or phone, you start the right page, select products, compare them, and read the opinions of other people. Then you order, make a transfer and wait for the courier who will come with the camera or – in the case of a ticket – you will immediately receive it on your e-mail. The whole process is definitely less time consuming than a dozen years ago and you can go through it sitting deep in the chair during the break of the match. The development of the Internet has made the percentage of people making purchases with it bigger and bigger. This method is simply more convenient. Especially young people appreciate it. The situation is similar to the financial services market.

The younger generations want to make use of them as simple and quick as possible. Checking account balance? Paying bills? Using a loan? Mobile device with internet access is enough for everything. It’s much more convenient than searching for stationary points. To find out something about the service you intend to use, just a few minutes spent in the relevant forums and familiarize yourself with the company information on its website, for example in the ” about us ” tab. The Internet is playing an increasingly important role, and finances are the best example, as evidenced by the number of closed outlets – in 2017 there were over 400 stationary points left. Information about a product or company – including its contact details – is just a small part of what you can find on the web. From the point of view of people wanting to use the service, it is also important that they can submit an application without leaving their home.

Shopping, ticket booking or the use of financial services – today all these activities are extremely simple. This is especially true of young people who are eager to use technological innovations and the opportunities they bring.